Devi Navarathri - Any 3 Days Kumkumarchana

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This kumkum Archana is very auspicious which is performed by ladies as per Lalitha shahranamam there are one thousand names of Devi. \“suhasiniyarchana pritayi namaha\” It means if you perform kumkum pooja with ladies, goddess will feel happy as per Puranas \“Archana priyo Devi \“ How many ever times you do kumkum archana to Devi, one will get powerful and happy and get their boons fulfilled. Friday is very auspicious to perform Kumkumarchana to Devi. If you perform any pooja to Devi she will shower with aishwarya and give blessings Sri Saibaba temple society performs kumkumarchana to Sri Rajarejeshwari Devi every third Friday of the month. Priest will be performing kumkumarchana along with Sri Lalitha shashranamam with all the ladies participation. We request all the devotees to participate in this event and take blessing of goddess Lakshmi followed by theertham and prasadam.

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Devi Navarathri - Any 3 Days Kumkumarchana

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