Guru Purnima - Maha Yajaman (3 Days Sponsor)

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Guru Poornima is observed on Ashaadha Poornima. The word Guru is derived of - Gu means darkness and Ru means dispelling (dispeller), So Guru means one who dispels darkness. Guru Poornima is the day on which one celebrates the dispersal of the darkness of ignorance from the mind. Hence, people should fill their minds with the all-embracing Love principle. The firest Guru is the mother; her example, her advice, her admonition affects man deepest and longest. The second is the father, who is admired by the child for his strength and knowledge and feared for the punishments he inflicts. Next is the teacher, who leads him and guides him into the maze of material knowledge. But, the Guru (spiritual preceptor) alone can open the inner eye and cleanse the inner instruments of intution.

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Guru Purnima - Maha Yajaman (3 Days Sponsor)

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